Alpha 4.0

We're excited to announce our new update! We are also at Gamescom, so play it there!

Alpha 4.0: Kings Priorities

New features:
- New priority system. Priorities are now more simplified - either they are priority or not.
- You can now prioritize resources by clicking on the nodes in the  world. Click on a berry bush to then click the priority checkbox.
- Now when King dies the Chief becomes the new King. If no Chief is assigned, you will be asked to appoint a new King.
- New better looking water without the camera collision bug
- upgraded the engine version.
- improved performance
- new colour and light setup
- lots of small bug fixes

Balance changes
- Goblins now have random starting age, making clan choices more meaningful
- Town Watch sight and engage range increased
- Goblins consume less sticks for warmth
- Goblins consume less berries
- Enemies sight range increased
- Workers can carry more resources at a time

Unfinished features:
- Buildings that are not functional yet: Tavern, Trade Post, Butcher,  Worg Den, Pig Stie, Workshop, Faith Hall, Laboratory,  Witchdoctor's Hut.
- Regional gameplay is still very bare bones and broken
- Diplomacy is deactivated as major work needs to occur.
- Gods and NPCs do not have an AI yet
- Goblin stats and traits are not fully functional yet

Major Known Bugs:
- Goblins still get stuck - use the red goblin de-stucker button  in their goblin information menu
- only male goblin voices at the moment
- Clan territory area has clipping issue at low camera angles

As always thank you for your incredible support and feedback
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