Alpha 10.1 now live

This latest update focuses on bug fixes, AI improvements and balance changes.

New Features:
-Added in a burnt building husk which disappears overtime, after being burned down.
-Destroyed buildings, (either burnt or done through menu) now drop resources.
-Dead goblins now drop their items as resources to the ground.
-Dropped resources now have a UI to display how many in a stack.

Balance Changes:
-All Buildings now drop 50% of their construction cost on destruction, if still under construction they will drop 100%.
-Storage Buildings will drop 50% of their contained resources (25% if two are owned)
-Warrens Buildings will drop 50% of their contained resources (25% if two are owned)
-Undead are now weaker and spawn less each winter.
-Birthrate changed from every 3 years to every 2.
-Changed the spawn age for your starting village so you get some adults, so that breeding starts sooner.
-Cloth and Tool needs now unlocked slightly later in building construction order.
-Needs now unlock on building completing instead of placement.
-Updated the Message Panel colors for readability.
-Riot Madness chance dropped down slightly.
-Plank cost reduction on all buildings.
-Fire is now easier to extinguish and does not last as long.
-Trees now produce more sticks and logs, other nodes have also been bumped in line with this.
-More items needed for work are now stored in warrens and work buildings.
-Resource node randomization has been tweaked to stop clustering of same type nodes on a single hex.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a crash when buildings were destroyed.
-Fix for Scavengers stuck at the work building during winter.
-Another update for goblins stuck in geometry.
-Fix so goblins complete madness action without cancelling out early.
-Fix so goblins would not chain kill other goblins during an item riot madness action.
-Fix for incorrect physics set on one of the hexes in the plains biome.
-Fix for goblins not completing construction on a building after having to flee an enemy, mid construction.
-Fix for resource nodes spawning inside some physics that they should not have.
-Murder message duplication fixed.

We hope you enjoy!


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Version Alpha10.1 Feb 02, 2019

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