Alpha 3.0 released!

We've been working hard on this new update with lots of fixes and new features:

New features:
- new camera controls (more standard)
- Right Mouse Button for rotate and yaw,
Middle Mouse for grip panning the camera
- new shortcuts - space for pause, 1-3 for normal, fast, faster time
- Goblins may now burn down buildings when Rioting
- Fire can spread to other buildings and along ground
- New building: Well - peons will collect water to fight fires
- New watchtower - only new in art, same functions - town watch
still don't stand on top, that will come soon
- new clan creation screen layout
- new population UI in main UI (reflects the warren info)
- Many new Tooltips to provide more information
- lots of small bug fixes

Unfinished features:
- Buildings that are not functional yet: Tavern, Trade Post, Butcher,
Worg Den, Pig Stie, Workshop, Faith Hall, Laboratory,
Witchdoctor's Hut.
- Regional gameplay is still very bare bones and broken
- Diplomacy is deactivated as major work needs to occur.
- Gods and NPCs do not have an AI yet
- Goblin stats and traits are not fully functional yet

Major Known Bugs:
- Goblins still often get stuck - use the red goblin de-stucker button
in their goblin information menu
- Volume Sliders don't work
- only male goblin voices at the moment
- Clan territory area has clipping issue at low camera angles

As always thank you for your incredible support and feedback
Continue helping us make an awesome game by visiting the
community forums!

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Yay an update! Making a video on it asap!