Alpha 9.0: Spring Cleaning

Greetings clan!

It sure has been a long time since the last update! Always feels like time flies by us way too fast however. Spring is upon us here in the southern hemisphere and Elderstone needed a good old spring clean as well.  This update we put a priority on cleaning up more of the UI - a process we started with the needs and goblin UI changes we made last update - and also digging deeper into our navigation and pathfinding bugs that cause us all so many headaches.

The needs wheel has been swapped around showing what the clan has and needs much more clearly now.

Although it's still not perfect (and will take a long time still to get closer to perfect) you will find your goblins are much more responsive to jobs and will get stuck or go brain-dead a lot less often now.

We also made several visual improvements to the snow, water and forests that you will hopefully like.

Our new pine forests have a lot more charm now

The game start has had an overhaul - now the game will start paused and give you time to look for an ideal starting location before placing your campfire. The inventory in the UI now shows the total resources in your village more accurately and new job priorities have been added to the job management window to further help you control your growing tribe.

Several balance changes have also been made to the game, the most significant of which is a change to what goblins burn for firewood. They will now require logs instead of sticks to keep the goblins warm and cozy in their homes and at the campfire.

This update therefore does not have too many “shiny and new” features but instead should be more robust and nicer to play. We always have this battle between wanting to put in new feature and focusing on improving what we already have, so we hope you are happy with the new update and we look forward to doing smaller updates going forward where possible to keep things interesting as well as improved.

Thank you as always and good luck with your villages!

Patch notes:

New Features:
-Added some noise to the snow so its lies less evenly on the ground.
-Added new tiles to the grass biome for the outer edges.
-Updated art assets (pine trees, elder trees, goblin uniforms, flowing water and better still water)
-Cloud cover changes when snowing.
-Added random loading screens.
-New Lost Goblin logo/intro.
-Clan needs UI that is opened from the Warrens has been majorly overhauled to better explain and detail the new goblin needs changes.
-Updates to the tutorial and beginning village placement for easier understanding (also starts the game paused).

Balance Changes:
-Goblin needs/desires for resources are now only activated once the certain buildings are built, these resources are no longer displayed in the inventory screens until the tech level is reached.
-Added in new job priorities that can be set for hauling/construction/stoking fires.
-Changed fires to burn Logs instead of Sticks.
-Made the priority for the delivery of Logs to the campfire change based on the temperature.
-Snow now stops falling prior to start of spring.
-Trade Hall now costs logs instead of sticks.
-Logs are now gathered faster and are more abundant for the woodcutter to gather from trees, Planks cost less to make.
-Global Inventory UI will now include resources that are currently being stored in work buildings and warrens (but not including those used by crafting jobs)
-Task to take the wood from the woodcutters hut to the storage has a higher priority now.
-Pausing or stopping crafting of a resource at a crafting building will mean that the resources for that job will stop being delivered and will reduce the villages need for it.

Bug Fixes:
-Fix for the goblins considering the wood at the warrens that's used for warmth while sleeping, meant there was warmth/fuel at the campfire.
-Fix for full resources icon not being displayed correctly on all buildings.
-Changed the Job priorities menu so the top resource row is fixed in place.
-Updated the level generation system to allow us to force Iron and Stone mine nodes to spawn if there was none available.
-Fix for buildings not crafting second tier craftable items.
-Fix for the camera behaviour while the game is paused, also how building placement physics is updated while paused.
-Did a physics pass on the level removing much of the objects the camera was interacting with, allowing for a smoother camera, but also adding more chances of clipping models.
-Fixed Wraith material to not take snow during winter.
-Campfire lights will no longer turn on at night without an active fire.
-Skeleton HP bar moved to correct position.
-Shade meshes below trees will now spawn in correctly after loading a save file.
-Fixed a drag and drop issue when choosing a heir when your King dies.
-Story moment issue where resources which should have been taken, were being given is fixed.
-Job Priorities not being active in the menu after you changed a goblin back to a peon is fixed.
-Fixes to how we calculate the resource distribution during level generation


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Version Alpha8.1 Sep 30, 2018

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